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Boston Train
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Do you have something you want to say? What would you like to discuss and who would you like to be interviewed? Send us an email and we'll see what we can do.

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As the titles suggest this is the place for you to air your views and to hear what other members of our community have to say. We believe in everybody's right to freedom of expression, so take the chance and use it.

We want to hear your opinions on the films, the issues they raise and how they affect you. We're also interested in finding out what you would like to see more of - from which countries and on what topics.

One of Lampshade's principle aim is to encourage debate. Knowing that our site will be a melting pot of people from different social and cultural backgrounds with different views, religions and ethnicities, we're sure there'll be plenty to talk about.

In the future we will be giving you the chance to put your questions and comments directly to some of the leading people and organisations that will feature on the site in our live debates.

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