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Family Vilakati
A beautiful film by Xanthe Hamilton about an orphaned family growing up in Swaziland
Nini dhambi kwa mwenye dhiki'
African Hip Hop featuring the late mc Faza Nelly

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Gush Shalom
A pro-active site campaigning for a peaceful settlement in Palestine

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News & Media

BBC World news
Incredibly informative, very well laid out and packed with information
Index on Censorship
A dedicated of team of writers, journalists and artists taking the page in defence of freedom of expression
International Freedom of Expression Exchange has emerged as a strong and growing force of opposition against violations of free expression

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Arts & Culture

Art Matters
Exclusively dealing with the latest news in African art and culture. The site covers Culture, Fashion, Film, Music, Theatre, Books, Travel and the Arts

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Video Volunteers
Video Volunteers is a real inspiration for us. They have successfully created ten community video units and their work is being screened to an average of 10,000 local people each month - they're aiming to have 50 video units in 4 continents within the next five years

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WORLDwrite's mission is to challenge prejudices and stereotypes... Read more 



Itchy Feet Magazine
Good downloadable travel magazine, published 6 times a year, crammed full of travel stories and events from all over the world

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement
PDF file 890kb
©1999 Mohammid Dahir
Mathare Slum - Eat Football,
Drink Football, Sleep Football


Jason Wingrove

Jason Wingrove - Co founder

I've always had a passion for filmmaking ever since I was little. My first camera was made out of toilet rolls and cereal packets. Needless to say a lot of this early footage has long been lost, though the memories of blackmailing my brother to dress up as a chicken and perform are still as vivid.

In the past 14 years I have worked as a cameraman on many productions. Documentaries to big budget feature films and still I find myself returning to make small independent films. I get a kick out of working with people on their first films. I think it's their sheer enthusiasm and lack of cynicism that makes me realise what a wonderful medium this is and the power it has to unite people.

My ambition with Lampshade is to create an environment where everybody has the right to freedom of expression, a place to exhibit their work and a forum for debate. I believe with organisations like ourselves that we can make a difference to the world and the people around us.

Hanna Gezelius

Hanna Gezelius - Co founder

Through work in press and broadcast in different countries I have come to realise that far too many people suffer from a lack of voice in the media. I have witnessed first hand the distress people living under censorship experience and how it affects all our every-day lives. I think Lampshade will provide these often unheard people with a platform from where there are no limits to their creativity and at the same time knowing that people around the world actually are interested and listening to what they want to say.


The ideas and philosophies behind Lampshade are quite simple:

  • To create a site for developing communities to make and exhibit their work.
  • To give people an opportunity to exercise their right to freedom of expression.
  • To offer training, equipment and support.
  • To provide a space for debate and communication, open to all.
  • To make a sustainable business that doesn't solely rely on charitable or governmental support.
  • To financially reward the filmmakers for their efforts.
  • To make the latest technologies accessible to all.
  • To encourage business to engage with the local community.

We want to address the lack of balance in the media when it comes to the developing world. Much of what influences our perceptions of the Southern hemisphere comes from media's focus on negative aspects, such as poverty, aids, war and famine. Although this reporting is vital, very little positive aspects of what people are already achieving, such as being world leaders in mobile commerce technology, are being reported on. Our site aims at showing our similarities, rather than differences through peoples thoughts, aspirations and creativity.

By giving communities access to equipment and training, we give people an opportunity to express what they really feel about their environment, and for us, we get a much needed balance from traditional reporting. Doing so, this could lead to a deeper understanding of the political and social factors and problems people face.

To provide these facilities we will be setting up video production bases. These will work with local businesses, organisations and NGOs to train and equip people with the necessary skills to make five minute documentaries. Our aim is for these bases to be fully sustainable businesses that will continiously utilise the skills the people have been taught. By working with local business they will be able to run autonomously, bringing in their own revenue by making e.g. commercials, corporate videos and news reports as well carrying on with community filmmaking.

As a commercial operation we believe that people should be remunerated for their work. Our contributors will be paid a 50% share of our pay per click advertising from advertisements' clips added to the end of their films.

Our site aims to further promote the films by encouraging the viewer to comment and debate the issues raised in the clips. We will be adding v-blogs, forums and channels for discussion. Through the information bar, we will add extra articles and links related to the topic of clip, the filmmakers and their country.

Essentially we believe that all in all, a vocal community working together is hard to ignore.

To help us take this project further and realise these goals we need your help with funding and sponsorship opportunities.

Our aims for the next six months:

  • To complete the website, taking it from its present prototype state to a fully functioning body.
  • Create contacts with Filmmakers, NGOs and other Organisations working in the field.
  • Increase our user base through marketing and search engines.
  • Secure funding for a least one video hub in Africa.
  • Attract advertisers to sponsor the films.
  • Evaluate payments by mobile commerce.

If you think you can help in anyway whether its funding, sponsorship or you have any media skills that you think we could utilise, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us at info@lampshade.tv

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Hell for Leather
Hell for Leather
The toxic trade of leather from Bangladesh


Ghana's Roosting Bird
Ghana's Roosting Bird
How rice imports and a lack of subsidies from the government impact on the farming community.

Human Rights

Don’t Stop Me Now
Don’t Stop Me Now
The Calais 'Jungle' and No Borders Camp


Good Fortune
Good Fortune
Why is foreign aid still failing communities.


Open Heart
Open Heart
About the work of the Palestinian Childrens Relief fund


Tomas Nisson
Tomas Nillson
Swedish Designer and Animator Tomas Nillson takes a fresh look at children's favourite "Red Riding Hood"

Dongria Kondh
Story of a sacred mountain reveals the hidden story of the remote Dongria Kondh tribe in India


Family Vilakati
Family Vilakti
Xanthe Hamilton’s film follows four orphans fending for themselves. Shot in Swaziland in 2005


X Plastaz
X Plastaz
Nini dhambi kwa mwenye dhiki’. African Hip Hop featuring the late mc Faza Nelly